The Symmetry Wireless Leap
Rarely do technologies experience a leap or dramatic improvement in performance or capacity. True Gain is a leap in wireless speed and range unequaled in the market. Liquid Antenna has the same affect on antenna design. Liquid Antenna can be injected into plastic, cloth and virtually any other material – a dramatic leap forward in antenna architecture.

True Gain
Speed and range are the benchmarks of the wireless landscape. An amplifier or booster can offer greater range, but it comes at the expense of data speed, thus offering little or no benefit to the end user. True Gain deploys next to the access point to offer fantastic speed and dramatically better range – the best of both worlds. True Gain enables wireless applications that were previously unimaginable.

Liquid Antenna
Antenna placement is critical to performance. Many antennas are on the board or enclosed inside inside the back or side of the device. Liquid Antenna is an injectible alloy that can be designed into the device cover or surface and is flexible, durable, easy to produce and connect. Liquid Antenna is a game-changing technology for antenna design.

Cellular Signal Extender
With the True Gain Cellular Signal Extender, weak tower signal is captured and optimized for the cell phone. The SYMMCELL does the hard work of reaching the cell tower signal, reducing the need for the handset to transmit at full power and increasing battery life.

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